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published: Jul 2023
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As Long As This Land Shall Last

A History of Treaty 8 and Treaty 11, 1870-1939

by Rene Fumoleau, epilogue by Joanne Barnaby

tagged: native american, native american studies


As Long As This Land Shall Last is a thorough document of Treaty 8 (1899-1900) and Treaty 11 (1921) between the Canadian Government and the Indigenous Peoples of Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. These treaties promised that the Indigenous Peoples who inhabited these places could live and hunt in freedom on their ancestral lands "as long as the sun rises from east to west, as long as the river flows downstream, as long as this land shall last."


Historian Réne Fumoleau has delved into church and government sources dating from 1870 to 1939 and compiled interviews with over seventy Dene witnesses to provide a clear picture of treaty negotiations and their aftermath.


Originally published in 1975, this new edition contains an afterword by Joanne Barnaby, Former Executive Director of the Dene Cultural Institute, outlining the significant cultural and political developments in the time since the book’s first publication and paying special attention to their lasting implications for the future.


As Long As This Land Shall Last is an invaluable resource not only for Treaty scholars, but also a fascinating source document for those who wish to chart the evolution of Indigenous Studies in Canada.



About the Authors

Rene Fumoleau

Joanne Barnaby

Contributor Notes

René Fumoleau produced the 1976 film I Was Born Here and directed Dene Nation in 1979. He wrote two books of short stories and poems, and wrote for various newspapers and magazines in both French and English.


Joanne Barnaby has served as the executive director of the Dene Cultural Institute.

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