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category: Fiction
published: Nov 2001
publisher: Formac Publishing Company Limited

Beautiful Joe

by Margaret M. Saunders, series edited by Gwendolyn Davies

tagged: historical, classics

Beautiful Joe is a timeless, classic account of an abused dog brought to health by a loving owners.
Beautiful Joe, a mongrel dog, was cruelly mutilated by his master and through pure good fortune was brought to the Morris family, who nursed him back to health. This tale of tender devotion between a dog and his owners changed the way we look at our best animal friends.
Beautiful Joe is a profoundly touching story that revolutionized our understanding of the humane treatment of animals.
A Formac Fiction Treasures series title.

About the Authors

Margaret M. Saunders

MARGARET MARSHALL SAUNDERS was descended on both sides of her family from New England Planters who had immigrated to Nova Scotia in the 1760s. A native of Halifax, she campaigned for humane treatment of animals, and integrated into her famous novel Beautiful Joe her criticism of the careless exploitation of natural resources, as well as ideas on education and the upbringing of children.

Gwendolyn Davies

DR. GWENDOLYN DAVIES is Professor and Dean Emerita of English at the School of Graduate Studies at the University of New Brunswick. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

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