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published: Feb 2011
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Climbs & Exploration In the Canadian Rockies

by Hugh E.M. Stutfield

tagged: post-confederation (1867-)

First published in 1903, Climbs & Exploration in the Canadian Rockies details the mountaineering adventures of Hugh Stutfield and J. Norman Collie while the two were together during various explorations in the area north of Lake Louise, Alberta. Between 1898 and 1902, Stutfield and Collie journeyed through the mountain towns, valleys and passes of the Rockies, where Collie completed numerous first ascents and discovered fresh views of Lake Louise and the Columbia Icefields.

About the Author

Hugh E.M. Stutfield (1858-1929), who accompanied Collie on some of his trips to Canada, was a respected alpine climber and author. His talent as a first-rate marksman saved the party from starvation on many an occasion.

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