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published: Sep 2011
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Fast Break

by Michael Coldwell


Jeff is not impressed when his family moves from Toronto to small-town Nova Scotia. He doesn't know anyone and there isn't much to do--until he joins his new school's basketball team.
Jeff is fast on the court and has a sharp jump shot, and soon he's hanging out with with his new teammates. Some of them are pretty rough, though, and when they start picking on other kids Jeff feels that he should step up and say something. He soon learns that he can't solve every problem with fast moves on the court.
Fast Break shows how the challenges of sport equip us for the challenges of life. [Fry Reading Level - 3.9

About the Author

Michael Coldwell

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, MICHAEL COLDWELL has worked as a reporter and freelance writer. As an aspiring stand-up comic, he performs at various Toronto nightclubs. He is an avid basketball player who insists he would be in the NBA today if it weren't for his trick knee.
Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
9 to 13
4 to 8
Reading age:
7 to 10
  • Winner, Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection
Editorial Reviews

"Believable characters, nice local references, and zippy basketball moves are all here."

— Halifax Daily News

"It should be easy to entice boys in grades 5 and 6 with this book. The author knows what kids like...."

— Resource Links

"Fast Break mixes teenage fun and friendship with serious matters of marital break-up, alcohol and peer pressure."

— The Chronicle-Herald

"An enjoyable read with some great basketball."

— Gordon Korman, author of the Bruno and Boots books

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