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category: Fiction
published: Apr 2010
publisher: House of Anansi Press Inc

Heaven is Small

by Emily Schultz

tagged: humorous

Award-winning author and poet Emily Schultz offers an immensely readable, funny, and sharp novel about a man who works for a Harlequin-like publisher, and gradually discovers that he has arrived in "heaven." Like Will Ferguson's international bestseller, Happiness, Heaven is Small is a smart, satirical novel from one of our best.

Heaven is Small is the funny, layered, startling, and profound story of Gordon Small, a degree-clutching slacker and failed fiction writer. Gordon is also, we discover in the first paragraph, recently deceased - although this is "an event he failed to notice." When Gordon finds himself suddenly employed at the Heaven Book Company, the world's largest romance publisher, he begins to notice that something is odd: his routines within the company's walls, though familiar in some respects, have taken on a strange cast - stranger than is usual in the average suburban office.

With sly deadpan humour, brilliant insight into the human condition, and exceptionally beautiful writing, Schultz explores what it means to be truly alive only after you're dead.

About the Author

Emily Schultz

Editorial Reviews

. . . an enjoyable, fast-paced ride . . . nothing can beat Schultz's frenetic, surprising, and genuinely funny writing.

— Fiddlehead

Don't let the presence of the grim reaper scare you: Heaven is Small is a fantastical comedy.

— National Post

Schultz's latest is a satire of office life, romance novels, and afterlife narratives. She has accomplished something quite remarkable here, deftly juggling all this social commentary and a rather blandly sympathetic protagonist with a sharp command of language.

— Publishers Weekly

A cleverly inspired, strikingly fresh stroke of narrative acuity. You won't be anle to put this one down.

— Herizons Magazine

Heaven is Small marks a big league jump for Schultz that could translate into wide mainstream appeal.

— Broken Pencil

Don't let the presence of the grim reaper scare you: Heaven is Small is a fantastical comedy.

— Weekend Post

[Emily] Schultz's voice is stronger than ever, her storytelling tighter and her writing still replete with those trademark ziplines, surprising little protons of description that vault the reader into Schultz's unique narrative universe.

— Globe and Mail

...captivating...hilarious...seems tailor-made for a Hollywood adaptation.

— Flare

In her comic novel Heaven is Small, Toronto author Emily Schultz takes a light-hearted approach to the hereafter.

— Catholic Register

Schultz has created a delightful cast of lost souls...Heaven is Small is a keen examination of life and the afterlife, brimming with intelligence and wit.

— Quill & Quire

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