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Letters from a Lady Rancher

by Monica Hopkins


A spirit of adventure, a great sense of fun, an observant eye, and enthusiasm for everything new--that's the kind of woman Monica Hopkins was, and that's what led her to leave the comforts of her English family home in 1909 to homestead on the prairies.

>Hopkins was a young bride who had finally married her childhood sweetheart, an Irish lad who'd wandered the world, then settled down to the life of a rancher in the foothills of Alberta. Through her eyes we get a unique view of the early days of Western Canada, that of an observant woman who took note of every detail of landscape and personality. Her letters sparkle with delights, enthusiasms, occasional troubles and tragedies.

In Letters from a Lady Rancher, Monica Hopkins brings to life the experiences of the women--and men--who settled the Canadian West.

This edition replaces the Goodread title, ISBN 0-88780-115-3.

About the Author

Monica Hopkins

Editorial Reviews

"Highly readable ... an irrepressible personality."

— author of Booze and The Boy from Winnipeg

"Monica Hopkins has all the qualities that built the West - guts, honesty, and a great sense of humour. She is also a superb writer."

— author of Salt of the Earth and Willie

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