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published: Jul 2010
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A Living History Colourguide

by Susan Young de Biagi, by (photographer) David MacVicar

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At the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island, the 18th century comes alive. Park historians and interpreters have recreated the sights, sounds and sensations of life in a French military town in the year 1744.

Author and historian Susan Young de Biagi relates the fascinating story of Louisbourg's birth, growth and eventual destruction. Her vivid descriptions of people, culture, fashions, food and politics provide a rich context for the story of Louisbourg's battle for supremacy in North America.

This new edition offers completely new full-colour photographs of the site and its characters along with a description of the ambitious restoration process that made Louisbourg one of the world's greatest outdoor museums; and a guide to nature walks and activities in the area around the fortress.

Louisbourg is both a compelling history and a comprehensive guide to the unique and powerful experience of Louisbourg. This new edition, offered in both French and English, is completely redesigned with new photography and a detailed map.

About the Authors

Susan Young de Biagi

David MacVicar

Editorial Review

"This visually appealing and well-organized visitor's guide to the reconstructed 18th-century fortified town of Louisbourg features a brief survey of the town's history before, during, and after the French period; a sensibly organized walking tour with informative essays on all the major buildings and structures ons site; a percpetive explanaiton of the challenges faced and met in reconstructing Louisbourg; and even advice on sights and trails in and around Louisbourg for those who seek more than a day visit experience. This is unquestionably the best Louisbourg visitor's guide to date. Its first-rate introduction to the history of Louisbourg makes it a valuable resource for high-school and undergraduate students as well."

— Olaf Janzen

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