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category: Drama
published: Oct 2010
publisher: Playwrights Canada Press


by Florence Gibson MacDonald

tagged: canadian

Evelyn McMillan has vanished without a trace. Wife and mother of three from a Southern Ontario farming community, her disappearance sparks not only a police investigation, but also the imaginations of the local townsfolk. Detective Carol Seaforth’s inquiries bring her closer to Evelyn’s husband Trevor, but farther away from her own marriage. In a small diner on the outskirts of London, Ontario, secrets are revealed when those who come there are forced to look below the surface of those they love, or thought they loved.

About the Author
Florence Gibson MacDonald practised as a physician in the Northwest Territories, Hong Kong, and East Africa before returning to Canada and writing full time. Her plays include Elevator, Take Care of Me, Belle (Chalmers Award winner; finalist, Britain’s New International Playwriting Award), Missing (Herman Voaden Award winner), Home is My Road (Carol Bolt Award winner), and How Do I Love Thee? (Dora Mavor Moore and Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards nominee). Her tap dance show, I Think I Can (Dora Award winner), was commissioned by Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre and co-created with choreographer Shawn Byfield. She has written for CBC Radio (A Recipe for Tomato Butter and Missing You, Love).
Editorial Review

"It's an intriguing premise that playwright Florence Gibson thrusts before us… and one that makes you think about our most intimate relationships and how they define who we are." —National Post

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