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published: Jun 2015
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Saving Farmland

The Fight for Real Food

by Nathalie Chambers, with Robin Alys Roberts & Sophie Wooding

tagged: environmental conservation & protection, sustainable agriculture, agriculture & food

When Nathalie Chambers and her husband, David, first took over Madrona Farm, 27 acres on southern Vancouver Island with a deep history, they never thought their small-scale agricultural business would blossom into an international political act. As pressures from heirs, land developers and industrial farmers grew alongside their rows of organically produced food, the Chambers took action. Considered by many to be revolutionary and by some to be rebellious, their story opened many eyes to the future of food.

Saving Farmland introduces readers to stories of lost farmland and bees saving lives. It shows how sustainability, ecosystems and biodiversity transcend the paradox of our own, man-made losses. Saving Farmland describes overcoming obstacles, choosing models, identifying vital farmland, building community and fundraising. Concluding stories of commonly shared land, international trusts, regained farmland and several heroes provide ongoing inspiration.

This practical book teems with fascinating history and facts. Saving Farmland will help us all support local farming and sustainable land development so we can indulge in good eating—forever.

About the Authors

Nathalie Chambers has a diploma in Restoration Ecology from the University of Victoria and has studied Conservation Finance at Yale University. She is the founder of both the Chef Survival Challenge Inc., a fundraising event that channels proceeds to farmland conservation, and the Big Dream Farm Fund, which directs funds towards farmland acquisition and sustainable farming education initiatives. Nathalie and her husband, David Chambers, live and work on Madrona Farm, where they grow more than a hundred varieties of produce year-round for over 4,000 regular customers, including numerous wholesalers and local restaurants. Nathalie is mother to two kids, Sage and Lola, and lives in Victoria, BC.

Robin Alys Roberts has written articles and contributed to books, ezines, websites and conference presentations on justice and equal rights. Her love of gardening, good food and democracy sprouted her desire to contribute to Saving Farmland. She lives in Victoria, BC.

Sophie Wooding has a degree in creative writing and English literature from the University of Victoria. She apprenticed at Madrona Farm surrounding a stint at GoodRoots, a Community Sustained Agriculture Farm near her hometown of Langley, BC. Sophie lives in Victoria, BC.

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