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published: Sep 2016
publisher: RMB | Rocky Mountain Books

The David Thompson Highway Hiking Guide

by Jane Ross & Daniel Kyba

tagged: western provinces, hikes & walks

A classic, full-colour guide to one of Alberta’s most spectacular and underrated wilderness areas, The David Thompson Highway Hiking Guide continues to introduce adventurous tourists and locals to the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

Another of RMB’s bestselling hiking books, The David Thompson Highway Hiking Guide, has been completely revised, updated and redesigned for outdoor enthusiasts interested in experiencing a wide variety of easily accessible trails through stunning landscapes in west-central Alberta between the rolling foothills of the Nordegg area and the towering peaks of Banff National Park.

All of these exceptional hikes start right from the highway. You’ll find everything from leisurely two-hour walks to tougher three-day backpacking journeys. Throughout regions as diverse as the old coal-mining town of Nordegg, the Bighorn Range, the Cline River area, the Kootenay Plains and the Upper North Saskatchewan Valley, hikers of all abilities will experience some of the most inspiring scenery, glorious flora and fascinating history that Western Canada has to offer.

About the Authors

Jane Ross describes herself as rural and cosmopolitan -- in that order. Green Parrots in My Garden draws from her life in the Arab and extended Middle East, offering personal insights into people and landscapes, birds and animals, deserts and cities, carpets and perfumes, sand storms and star-filled desert nights. Having lived on more than one occasion amidst threats of war, she understands the darker realities that bear on the region. But that is not the focus of her reflections. Rather, it is the warmth of human relationships, the wisdom of ancient desert values, and the beauties of artifact and design that bring her into the hearts of the people and the essence of the region. Jane Swanson Ross (PhD, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology; St. Edmund's College; University of Cambridge; MA, State University of New York; undergraduate degrees from University of Alberta) has published widely in the academic and popular press. She and her husband Jack, live at Story's Way in the beautiful Battle River region of Alberta, Canada.

Dan Kyba is the owner of Kyba & Associates, a marketing research firm based in Edmonton. He loves the outdoors and has hiked in Baffin Island, Greenland, Great Britain, the Himalayas, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Canadian Rockies. He is also an amateur historian specializing in eastern Europe. He coauthored Hiking the Historic Crowsnest Pass and Exploring the Historic Coal Branch: A Guide to Jasper’s Front Ranges.

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