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category: Nature
published: Sep 2013
publisher: RMB | Rocky Mountain Books

The Earth Manifesto

Saving Nature with Engaged Ecology

by David Tracey

tagged: environmental conservation & protection, environmental science, ecology

We live in critical times. Choices we make daily will affect the future of life itself. Years from now children will study our era on the brink and ask their elders "When the planet was burning, what did you do?"


Problems as big as the world are daunting, but solutions are at hand, within each of us. The Earth Manifesto: Saving Nature with Engaged Ecology offers an approach to regain control of our environmental destiny by rediscovering our affinity for nature and then acting to preserve it.


David Tracey's first RMB Manifesto is rooted in common sense and revolves around the author's "Six Laws of Engaged Ecology", which moves us from theory, in concepts such as interdependence and the wilderness found inour minds, to practice with explanations of ground-truthing and the ways in which we can all work toward creating sustainable communities through shared environmental principles.

About the Author
David Tracey is a journalist and environmental designer who operates EcoUrbanist in Vancouver. He is Executive Director of Tree City Canada, a non-profit ecological engagement group.

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